The Looking-Glass 

All my life, I’ve had issues; issues that I didn’t understand, talk less even put into words. It felt like, it was an unending cycle of happenings that would never end. However, as I began to figure stuff out, slowly but meaningfully, it all started to make sense. The cycle was falling in place and... Continue Reading →



Dr. J: So where were we? Her: Uhh, I’m not so sure Dr. J: Come on, we’ve come a really long way now. What’s going on? Her: I really don’t know Dr. J: Should we maybe slow down our pace a little? Her: Maybe, I mean, I need to get better, but if we rush... Continue Reading →

The Other Addiction 

Growing up an only child, I cultivated an emotional environment that has practically shaped my entire being: my personality type, my attitudinal responses, character, basically who I am. Being with just my parents, there were so many things that I went through and experienced that they couldn't and still can't even begin to imagine or... Continue Reading →

The Shadow, The Girl 

I've tried to please you  But I end up hurting myself  Because I'm trying to hide who I am  And at the same time, make you understand  I'm not who you think I am  You're reading me in the wrong language  Taking hints from the wrong side of the veil  There's the shadow cast by... Continue Reading →

Pounded Yam 

I wanted to write today, because I felt I hadn't written in a while. I tried using my phone, but nothing was coming, picked up my laptop, still nothing. My right fore finger hit the backspace key more than it did any other. It felt like, there were millions of words inside of me, almost... Continue Reading →


"I'm on a diet" Lool, of course you are. How many times has this ever really worked for you ❓ I don't know, some people are really good with diet plans, I mean they draw it out and stick to it like their life depends on it (well, it sort of does). The point is,... Continue Reading →


I took off my glasses so I could see her better This girl,  She was your movie type of girl The one that made heads turn and hearts pace The one that females envied and males coveted  Dripping with grace and clothed with elegance She was simply, stunning Then she looked my way, and our... Continue Reading →

Genesis II

Hi Guys!!! Oh my, I've missed this so so much. I think my last post was two years ago 😩 Please forgive me as I try to forgive myself. It was a combination of stress, laziness, uncertainties and many personal issues that are still being resolved. Anyway, now there's a totally different and reviewed package... Continue Reading →

For John

John was beautiful, John was kind. John had a heart for the simplest things and in that heart, you would never find malice. John loved every soul as if they were his own. But John didn't love his own soul. John didn't think he was beautiful, John didn't think he was kind. John saw his... Continue Reading →

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